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The Teacher Parent

I began this journey of teaching at a very young age. I created worksheets to my very favorite story The Bremen Town Musicians. A very silly story about animals who no longer served a purpose and escaped a certain fate by becoming musicians. I found the worksheets not that long ago while looking through my tubs my mom made me take when I left home. A notable finding was that regardless if the worksheet was filled out or not, most of them had a word or two of encouragement and a grade. I was kind with my grading, except with my student named Bryan (that is my father's name) on days that he frustrated me. I guess that was my way of being angry. Cute Right!

I became a teacher to honor the amazing instructors I had come into contact with and am still meeting to grow and learn from! I think one of the main foundations of making a great teather is having a growth mindset. When we as teachers stop growing we stop allowing ourselves to learn how to teach.

Never in my life have I had more growth mindset as when I became a parent. I began to desire to grow and better myself more intentionally and purposefully as an example to my children (studio and at home). But it is not always enough to desire to live this way sometimes it needs to be forced upon you and parenthood does just that! Here is a clever example: My son loves airplanes. It is a love that is intense and specific. He looks at a coffee table book that his father has of airplanes and make models of these airplanes out of whatever blocks and building material he can find and asks what they are named. I will see one of the airplanes and comment "Oh wow, look at that F-22." He'll always correct me, "No mom, that's an F-14 Tomcat" or whatever name of the airplane it is. I have never wanted or desired to learn about airplanes but being a mom to Teddy is demanding that I do. I am growing and learning so I can have real and authentic connection with my son. I do the same with my students by having them give me listening assignments. I have found artists I would never have found because of their creativity and love of music.

As a teacher or a parent let's try to grow for purposeful connection.

What can you do this week that will connect you with your singer or child and grow you as a person?

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