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Science of Relations

Alongside my research with Charlotte Mason's musical goals I have come into contact with the numerous reasons one would want to study singing and music.

We have relations with what there is in the present and with what there has been in the past, with what is above us, and about us; and that fullness of living and serviceableness depend for each of us upon how far we apprehend these relationships and how many of them we lay hold of. — CHARLOTTE M. MASON —

I hope to continue to support the value of singing and music lessons in my studio and department. It is easy to study music for the purely music enrichment but we are selling this beautiful language short. Let us instead look at music as a way to improve education in it's ability to highlight the science of relations. Singing is unique in that it allows us to work through challenging items in education in a clever way. Music and singing helps us find new ways to learn, grow and enjoy life. I'll list a few and I'd like you to add some in the comments:

  • Oxygen: Breathing

  • Balance and coordination

  • Counting and connection to rhythm and meter, beat

  • Literature and Analysis

  • Body Awareness

  • Historical Timelines

  • Health and Wellness

  • Creation

  • Language Study

  • Community and Friends

  • Encouragement

  • Adrenaline Management

and so many more! What connections have you made in your voice lessons?


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