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Observing voice lessons is a meaningful way to learn and grow as a teacher. This summer I was in a master's class called Teaching Internship. I was asked to observe 3 teachers, teach 3 students, 3 lessons. This totals 27 lessons. Each of the teachers I observed had at least one take away that I will continue to pursue.

One of the most uplifting part of my observations was getting to speak with these teachers about teaching. This time I was allowed by generous teachers was a delightful way to gain perspective, stay motivated and be inspired. As a teacher, I want to motivate my students and inspire them to sing. So if I am not motivated, how can I expect them to be as well?

Two things that stand out from these observations are to be patience with an idea and to keep a simple lessons. You can imagine my surprise when I'm studying habit forming why a huge lightbulb went on with this. I am very excited to refine and simplify my lesson structure really focusing on rhythms and habits that I can train. The reason habits work is that they are clear, they are repeated, and they are easy!

So if you are a teacher or not - observe! Be aware! Notice things! This is where life gets great! Do you have a favorite teacher? Have you observed them?

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