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My Month's Vocal Exercises: September

So I wanted to write at the end of each month a preview of what is ahead. I want to sing and live on purpose. Each month I include a simple song I love, a list of 4 tongue twisters and vocal exercise or two.

Simple Song

I will be teaching Who's That? found in The Song Garden Book 2 by Carol Heath. I believe this particular song was written by Virginia Anderson but it is unclear - If you know please comment! This simple song focuses on the ascending perfect 5 and descending 4 and includes an easily read rhythm. I will start my lessons teaching it to every student regardless of level on solfege. Each week I will add either rhythmic beats using their body (stomp, clap, pat), harmony exercises or make it into a round. Another thing I love about this song is the second verse words are Mammy's tapping at the window. Pappy's knocking at the door. The Mammy and Pappy can be very resonate and focused in towards a twangy sound which is very different than the first verse words Who's that tapping at the window? I will likely discuss (especially with my inquisitive students) how the two verses sound different.

Tongue Twisters for September

  • I saw Susie sitting in a shoeshine shop.

  • I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen.

  • A big black bear sat on a big black rug.

  • He threw three free throws.

Mosquito Sirens

With a little voice and not much breath make a siren noise. I've been wonderfully surprised with how easy these are for my student. These sirens help us as singers find a new or different space!

Bipity Bopity Bipity Bopity BOO!

So So So Fa Fa Fa Mi Mi Mi Re Re Re Do! This high energy and fun exercise is a great way to bring some bounce into the warm ups. At the beginning of the year I always teach this one and I bring it back when the student has low energy.

Have a wonderful time with these exercises! What is your favorite vocal exercise?

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