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My Month's Vocal Exercises: October

October is one of those months that scoot so quickly in private lesson teaching. There are auditions, competitions and recitals and all the while we are learning and growing our ears and voices. I like to take this month to be a bit simpler with my rhythms in lesson but add some spooky spice to my warm ups.

Tongue Twisters

1- Black Back Bat

2- Eleven owls licked eleven little liquorice lollipops

3- Dracula dreads driving in the dark

4- See the spooky sushi chef

After these four additional tongue twisters we have 10 tongue twisters that we have learned so the remainder of the month (yes it is the shortest long month we have!) we will draw a choice tongue twister to get some more practice.

Warm Ups

I love The Full Voice Spooky Songbird Warm Ups and have been using them for years. I pulled the teacher get involved and the tongue twisters (you'll notice those are above) and will have my students choose a warm up from the Diva Glass! It is a very important glass of choice!

Bipity Bopity Boo!

If you read last months vocal exercises you noticed that I introduced the ever loved Bipity Bopity Boo Exercise. This month it is the same thing except I use it to teach them of the whole step and half step switch for a minor and major scale! So, Fa, ME (instead of Mi), Re, Do.

Studio Song

Like last month, this month's studio song was found in The Song Garden Book 2 by Carol Heath. We will be fully developing our ears for the major minor shift while singing "Skin and Bones". This spooky 8 measure melody is in D minor and focuses on Do and Me!

I hope you enjoy practicing this month!

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