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A Story Part 2

We left off with a little girl finding her passions. Let's now discover her struggle. She loved to sing but no one would teach her. "She was too young", "her voice was too fragile", "she already sang beautifully what could she learn". Well - "a lot" is the answer that that. Being a big fish in a little pond was tough and her understanding of her voice was all related to not function but metaphors (some being oddly specific and difficult to understand "there is a plum in the back of your throat." The only plum she had ever experienced at that point was in the nursery rhyme.) She continued to struggle with her piano lessons, remaining consistent and thorough in technique was not a thing she understood the value in. It was not until much later that the value of having an instrument alongside the voice was realized.


She began to take voice lessons at a college as a high schooler. Driving 60 miles to the college for an hour lesson was laborious and hard to stay consistent with various activities and sports. Every lesson there was a nougat of information that stuck with her.

When she decided on a college program there were very few classes on how to teach the art of singing. So instead she went into performance. Even though her love of performing was found in worship and various vocal and instrumental collaborations she grew as a solo singer and in confidence.

Her skills becoming more sharp and more stable. While growing as a musician she also found herself desiring a more concrete representation of the voice and how to teach it. After she graduated from her program she sought to make a studio; she fell in love with the programs and people at Omaha Conservatory of Music.

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