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52 Weeks of Mindful Singing

Singing regularly has proven to be very effective at creating a healthier you! I want to give you a tool to see your progress as you take your singing to the next level of 'on purpose'! This record is not about what or how you practice. Instead, I offer thoughtful questions and prompts that will encourage you to dive into your singing differently...with thought.

I encourage singers to start their practice with a mindful minute of stretching and exploring noises (sighs) that will bring them into a more focused practice. I find myself doing this at the beginning of each lesson. When I go straight into singing with the student there is a struggle to be focused and aware of the small things. But when we allow ourselves to slow down the small things that we might miss become apparent.

I am looking forward to seeing what practice looks like for you as you begin this journey to record your weeks.

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