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Songbird Anyone?

Updated: May 20, 2021

Have you ever noticed that in the spring the birds love to sing?

One of my most favorite things is to notice and enjoy the singing of birds. Even the sounds that are not the most lovely. I'm looking at you annoying crow who always wakes me up during my midafternoon nap. Well anyway the sounds these birds make are brilliant. There is a quick cricket like cackle and the cardinals rhythmic single note chirps! But then there are the melodies and the calls to communicate. Do birds think that the way we communicate is as beautiful?

When we speak with one another are we dripping in authentic and purposeful language? Do we care about our words and how they impact another person?

Here is a checklist to help us channel our inner songbird:

  • Make it your own

Do not try to be like someone else, say the things you mean and say them kindly. I rarely hear a Robin trying to be a Blue Jay.

  • Have a point

Decide what you are going to say before you say it. Have a plan, intention or a reason to communicate. Birds need to sing. They have all kinds of points the main point is that they sing to communicate but other times they sing to enjoy.

  • Make it beautiful

Make your words beautiful. This can mean sentence structure, fancy words, kindness or a number of other reasons you speak beautifully. Why do we fill the world with ugly words? So

me days are ugly and we should work through that to the best of our ability. What I mean is the unnecessary not ugly times being filled with ugly words.

  • Make it short

Are bird's songs short? Sure! Short, sweet and to the point. Can you speak less while saying more? I am relearning this as I continue to parent. If I explain all of the issues about leaving their toys on the floor causes - and you know I did - they look at me or move on without any action. However, if I say Tidy 10 - I get results, they hop into action putting away 10 items of their choice. This did take time for training and modeling but not nearly as much as you would think. In my studio, I say, "Ok! Stretch and Sigh" and we immediately go into the warm up sequence we have been doing forever!

This robin was warning me not to get too close and stay away from the nest. Thank you birds for helping us communicate and make the world more beautiful with our instructions!

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