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Tongue Twisters, Fun?!

One part of singing lessons (and honestly with my children as well) I adore is the tongue twisters. Here are 5 things to make them more engaging:

Original 5 times fast - time it and compete :)

Tongue Twister Teacher Stump - bring a favorite to lesson and challenge your teacher!

Explore your voice - queen-like, nasally, sassy, ... the list could go forever! Have a dice or Fortune Teller with a variety of 'ways' to say or sing something and let it decide.

Chart of accomplishment - using whatever number of repetitions you would like have a color in, sticker placed or simple check mark to keep track. This can translate as a Wall-of-Fame or a competition! This fall in my studio we are having a Tongue Twister Wall-of-Fame where once you do your tongue twister 1000 times and track it you are inducted into the Tongue Twister Wall-of-Fame!

SING IT!!! Put the tongue twister on pitches, simple one-note, 5-note scales, chromatic scales or a crazy arpeggio.

I can't wait to hear what your favorite is!

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