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My Ultimate Goal

I've missed you! Thank you for being patient with me as I continue to finish up my masters and homeschool my littles this blog took a bit of a break. You should see me monthly for the rest of the year!

Teaching is an art that requires flexibility, a great wealth of knowledge with technical skills and understanding of psychology and sociology. If I am not “wide-awake” in my lessons I will miss something that may direct or show a problem to the student and they will not be able to work through it. The teacher as a guide is not solely responsible for engaging in the material but instead the learner has equal if not more need for attentiveness while learning.

Within the current school systems I think this approach to education is tricky (not impossible and many wonderful teachers are succeeding greatly). The goal in lessons is to strive for the best circumstances while encountering and finding problems. The problems do not let up as we never arrive! The guide and being present as a teacher while gently allowing the learner to flow through their own motivation to create, understand and navigate a problem is very individualized. That is why teaching to a single student or small group is such a valuable addition to learning. Regardless of the instrument the amount of skills that stack on top of the basic instrument and musicianship skills are incredible. If I poll my current students many of them would say that they have learned good habits of learning, perseverance, confidence, how to speak and story tell and empathy with a greater awareness of emotions. This list is not exhaustive and can go for miles.

Here I am in my studio with our new mascot Alfonso (Alfie for short)! Here I continue to understand that the emotional place the student is entering my studio will affect their way of learning. Knowing that I am teaching the whole child not the skill of singing is also important. I understand that the learner will have individual and societal influences that will challenge and ignite their learning. I encourage a growth mind-set and ask my students to see, understand and navigate the problems. This is a huge reason I start the lesson with a check in emotionally. My ultimate goal is that the singers who enter my studio will leave more whole and joy-filled.

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