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A Story Part 1

Once upon a time there was a young girl. She was spunky. Her mom would get recommendations to read the book The Strong-Willed Child often. She had ideas, plans and excitement. Sometimes this got in the way of the ideas, plans and excitement of the people around her.

She began signing autographs as soon as she could write and mastered it by the age of 7. The idea of piano or another instrument lesson was horrible because she wanted to sing. In the 1990s voice science was small and very few teachers had the skills or desire to teach children how to sing outside of groups, choirs, or through an instrument. But alas, being the persistent young lady she was she finally convinced her parents to get her into music lessons (specifically singing - even though truly they were piano lessons where the teacher let her sing).

As she grew as a singer another passion emerged and this was one of teaching. She would read a book and create worksheets to hand out to her 'class'. Even found joy in creating her grade book with colored pens and a ruler (every teachers favorite tools).

Finally, her first experience as a solo singer was about to happen. It was a simple folk song often sung around Christmas about A Friendly Beast. She was the donkey. This story gave her a glimpse of singing and the power that music held for storytelling. AND she was introduced to Jesus. Who, in this story and many others, is the reason she was able to develop more empathy and understanding of the people around her and her weak-will became stronger and instead of being bound to her own desires was able to bring her gifts and passions into a place where she can help others.

So with her three passions: singing, teaching and the Lord she became more of who she was meant to.

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