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What is your response to the word rest?

Needed, essential, bubble bath, laughter...

Too hard, not a priority, impossible, sleeping...

When we think of our voice and rest, I hope you think of balance. There are times when we need to rest. Time when our body requires us to rest. Rest is essential. One of my favorite ways to think about rest is to divide this overwhelming category into smaller more manageable ideas. My rest can be people related: do I need alone time, one on one good connection or vibrant group activities. My rest can be sleep related: do I need a cat nap, a full night sleep or 3 full days of sleep. My rest can be home related: do I need to clean, to declutter, to spend time there, or to create in my home. My rest can be self-care driven: do I need a bubble bath, a long hike, a short conversation with a friend, or to give myself a pedicure. My rest can be voice related: do I need to listen more, to have a voice-free day, to have a normal voice day or to accomplish something new with my voice!

I hope that during this holiday you find a way to care for your voice, body and relationships well.


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