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Rhythm of Life

Wow! I have been so honored by the community that is coming from my writings. Thank you for reading.

I wanted to pause my Habit reflections for the next few weeks so I can write a couple posts on the beginnings of the year. (These will come back in September).

The beginning of a new year is a wonderful time to reflect on priorities and renew your rhythm of life. As I close off the summer sessions this year I enter into one of the most hectic weeks I have had recently. I am thrilled that I get the opportunities to create and collaborate; as well as play one of my favorite detective games: scheduling. I seriously could schedule all day, but in the end it is not about the schedule but instead about the rhythms that you create.

As a teacher, my beginning of the year looks very administrative. I'm compiling my motivation quiz, goal sheets, and schedule for the coming year.

As a student, I will finish writing my paper for Teaching Internship where I was honored to observe 3 teachers teaching voice.

As parents, Jesse and I are cramming all the fun in! Heron Haven today in Omaha - so much to see.

As a homeschool teacher, I am balancing activities, organizing my storyboards and making sure I have access to the books that are important to make the beautiful curriculum (Primer and Nature) come to life. Not to mention getting my kids excited about learning with enthusiasm!

As a performer, my beginning of the year looks creative with a narration part and postmodern inspired set list this weekend.

All in all, this week is crazy and we will be doing survival mode for much of our life. I have stacked the fridge with mindless good food and grab and go snacks.

After this week it will come into what I like to call the rhythms of the year. The routines and balance in the day to day. We may have to adjust our homeschool jobs, we may have to adjust student schedules. There will be more literature to read for my class.

With that I go to my favorite Coffee Shop in Omaha and finish my paper for my grad class.

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